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  At Bryant Grain our goal is to provide fresh quality feed products to our customers that you can depend on. If you have any questions about our products or where you can purchase them please give us a call at 1-800-441-9782 .  
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  Bird SeedBlock and Bagged MineralCattle FeedHorse FeedPet FoodPoultry FeedRabbit feedRecleaned/Processed GrainSheep and Goat FeedSwine FeedWildlife Feed  
Bird Seed
Wild Bird Seed Black Oil Sunflower Seed
Canadian Trapper Peas Medium Yellow Popcorn
White Proso Millet  
Block & Bagged Mineral
Bryant 37% Forage Block Bryant 16% Equine Block
Bryant 12% HP w/ Selenium Block Bryant 12% HP w/ Selenium Bag
Combo Horse/Cattle Fly Block Bryant Mag Mineral Block
Bryant Mag Mineral Bag Apple Flavored Deer Block
Ragland Horse Mineral Bag Safeguard Wormer Block
Ragland Goat Builder Block Bryant 20% Supplement (200# tub)
Cattle Feed
11% Sweet Cattle Mix 13% Show Calf Developer
Showman Calf Finisher (Medicated) 15% Range Meal
20% Range Meal 20% Breeder Meal
12% Preconditioning Receiving Ration (Med 5/32”) 12% Creep Pellet (5/32”)
14% Creep Pellet (5/32” & 3/8”) 14% Medicated Creep Pellet (Med 3/8”)
Pecos County All-Stock (3/8”) 14% Calling Cube (3/4”)
20% Cow Cube (3/4”) 20% Breeder Cube (3/4”)
24% Range Cake (3/4”) 38% Cottonseed Cake Plus (3/4”)
Horse Feed
12% Bronco Horse & Cattle Hi-Energy Horse & Mule
12% Performance Ration 14% Performance Ration
14% Equine Energy Textured 16% Mare & Colt
12% Horse Pellets 14% Horse Pellets
16% Horse Pellets 14% Equine Energy Plus
14.5% Senior Horse Pellets  
Pet Food
21% Canine Blend - Maintenance 27% Canine Blend – High Protein
27% Canine Blend – Premium Muenster Natural Pet Food
Floating Fish Food Bryants Complete Cat Food
Poultry Feed
16% Lay Pellet 16% Lay Krumble
22% Start-Grow-Layer Krumble 28% Gamebird Krumble
14% Game Cock Maintenance 17% Game Cock Maintenance
Rabbit Feed
16% Rabbit Pellets  
Recleaned/Processed Grain
Recleaned Whole Oats Crimped Oats
Crimped Oats with Molasses Whole Yellow Corn
Steel Cut Corn Chops 3 Grain Hen Scratch
Whole Wheat Steam Flaked Barley
Alfalfa Cubes Dehydrated Alfalfa Pellets
Sheep & Goat Feed
14% Sheep & Goat Feed 16% Goat Pellets (5/32”)
16% Sheep & Goat Pellets (5/32”) Lamb & Kid Pellets (5/32”)
Champions Edge Show Lamb  
Swine Feed
21.5% Pig Starter (Medicated) 16% Hog Grower (Medicated)
14% Hog Finisher (Medicated) 18% Show Pig Ration (Medicated)
Wildlife Feed
16% Deer Pellets (5/32”) Corn & Roasted Soybean Blend
Antler King® Deer / Elk Pellets Antler King® Food Plots
  Bryant Grain Company floor stocks all the above mentioned products.  Consult our nutritionist about the availability of custom mixes.  We are also a distributor for the following companies:  Champions Choice Show Supplements, Antler King Trophy Products, Manna Pro Corp., and United Salt. All Bryant Grain dealers will have access to the various products supplied by these manufacturers.  For more information on these products feel free to call the office, or visit their websites.  

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  Need more information? Feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-800-441-9782 if you have any questions. We love to hear from our customers and we are happy to help however we can.  
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